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25 Sep

Learn how Amazon SEO works for higher ranking!

Your website isn’t the only location on the internet where your products can be promoted/marketed. You want it to be found by buyers if you have a product listing on Amazon, just as you want your site to appear with your company keywords on the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It’s important to note that Amazon’s search algorithm operates better to any Google or Bing algorithm when it comes to surfacing results. Brands often go through queries such as ‘How to get your product on the first page of Amazon’, ‘how to improve your Amazon listing’, and many more.

Brands presume it’s easy to rank on Amazon, but it isn’t that easy. You’re going to have a rough time if you’re trying to evaluate Amazon SEO from a web-SEO point of view. That is because, first and foremost, Amazon is a shopping site. Understand A to Z highlights to master the Amazon Search Algorithm:

On Google, people perform all kinds of different searches, most of which are informational searches, and almost every Amazon search is a purchase.
That’s why, essentially, the algorithm comes down to just a few things; Relevancy & Efficiency. For these two key rating factors, refine your Amazon product listing, and you’ll end up converting and selling more on-site.

Know How to Rank Highly for Amazon Searches?

  • What are the Amazon Ranking Factors based on ‘Relevancy’?

You can directly impact these ranking criteria by using the appropriate keywords in the following areas of your Amazon pages:

  1. Product Title
  2. Seller Name
  3. Amazon Backend Keywords
  4. Brand Field
  5. Product Description and Bullet Points


Tips to optimize your Amazon product
  •  What are the Amazon Ranking Factors based on ‘Performance’?

Performance variables are a little more difficult to specifically manage, as external aspects outside keywords come into play. However, it is vital for you to sell more on amazon with an optimized Amazon SEO strategy.

  1. Product Price
  2. Customer Conversion Rate
  3. Product Images
  4. Amazon Reviews
  5. Be “Amazon Choice”

Taken all this into consideration, a brand has the chance to flourish its business on Amazon. However, due to Amazon Algorithm, it becomes difficult for a layman or any start-up business to work and manage the Amazon ranking strategy. In this area, there are marketing professionals who can help you with Amazon selling strategy, for which Amazon Search Engine Optimization plays a major role.


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