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20 Jul

Five ways to keep marketing even if your marketing budget is quarantined

After a crisis, or even a deflation, businesses who raise their marketing expenses boost profits even faster — both before and during the downturn as compared to the firms who cut back. But if the leadership doesn’t buy into the notion that campaign investment is important right now then how would you maintain the positioning of your brand. How would you expand your firm now and in the long run?Your budget may very well stay in quarantine until your company feels healthy again, but that doesn’t mean your marketing has to.How to Make Every Marketing Dollar Count During a Crisis?There are many ways you can keep your business alive.

Below are few suggestions which will cost you time and money, but not much more:

    1. Keep up with your Content Marketing
      Creating content is perhaps the most important thing you can do right now to help keep your company at the forefront and in the core of the minds of your consumers. It will continue to build leadership thinking and brand authority, and has proven ROI.
      The catch is that you can’t just start pumping out some old content and expect a good return on your investment — especially now that people are overwhelmed by “unprecedented times” material.You have to be able to cut the noise through your content. That means that it has to be relevant, of exceptionally high quality, and engage your audience.
    2. Invest time in building Customer Relationship through Online Medium
      According to the Marketing Professionals and Content Marketing Expertise, less than half of B2B marketers say they have conversations with clients as part of their audience research. There’s no time like this time to get your customers to learn any more. Online Medium is one of the best source for accurate communication to a large number of audience.Generate useful content and analyze your customer insights to develop content that reflects what you’ve learned from your conversations.
    3. Carry out a content audit
      Most organizations have content spread all over the place, which means they recreate the wheel rather than repurpose. Organizing your content now will save you time in the long term, and make it much easier to get more out of your marketing commitment.
Marketing in Quarantine
  1. Optimisation of your content
    It would be a perfect time to give an A/B testing on your website a try. If your brand has a sales or landing page which is underperforming? Review for a fresh pair of eyes to see where the copy can fall flat, and strengthen it.
  2. Repurpose older content
    After your content audit, you would know what content your brand needs and how to work on it. You should also look into archives of your content to see what can be repurposed. You may already have an article on any underlying topics. Those topics may be important once again, and you can republish the material with a nod to the latest situation with a few quick updates.

Find ways to take advantage of this time to think strategically about how your brand can market now and tomorrow.Keep on delivering thought-provoking content that builds your brand authority and awareness. In so doing, you will find that your company is in a strong position to reap the rewards of those efforts when you and your budget are no longer sheltering in place. Marketers from various agencies recommend this in order to position your brand in your respective market. These are one of the best digital marketing tips during Covid-19.

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