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20 Jul

COVID’s impact the changing world of beauty grooming

The COVID-19 virus is sweeping the world, by putting tremendous pressure on countries, societies and communities.There are government-enforced lockdowns in many places, and social distancing is now widely accepted as the most effective way to control the spread of the virus, a phrase we probably never encountered until a few months back. The virus may linger for a longer time, but this crisis will pass. However, it will leave behind a legacy – new working methods, new consumption patterns and, indeed, new ways of interacting with fellow people.

One sector that is bound to experience a tectonic transformation is the beauty& wellness industry. The services provided by this industry are of a personal & physical nature. It is touch that is the very foundation of spas and salons. And in the current scenarios touch is a dangerous thing to do. The change in the Beauty& Wellness Industry is going to be enabled by one force i.e Technology.

Below are the few highlights which can uplift your brand within the Beauty & Wellness Industry:

The Power of Technology

Cloud-based, always-on, device-independent software has already transformed many other sectors such as transport, media and communication. While in the past decade the beauty & wellness industry has gradually migrated to such platforms, the current crisis may be the catalyst for accelerating this adoption.Online reservations, self-check-ins, automatic payments and many of these features eliminate unnecessary touch-interactions.
Brands would also need to show their better safety practices noticeable -a type of “hygiene theatre.”by getting a Healthy Workplace Certified (HWC)

Take Online Events

Replace live events and workshops to virtual and make it more interactive. Brands can actively reach out to new and active customers to help keep everyone connected during this time of Self-Quarantines, Lockdowns and the most used phrase in today’s date Social Distancing.
Many Beauty Institutes are doing live webinars and conducting classes over video calls.

Beauty and Wellness Industry

Take a new angle to your brand offerings

The new mantra will be to build immunity. One of the key defences against Covid-19, and another against infections in the future, is helping patients to develop high levels of immunity so they can help battle the infection. In the quest to strengthen the body against infections and invasions, many home remedies, many magic formulae, many wonder foods will be tried out.
Since everyone is at home, it’s the right time promote these as a service by your brand online to a larger number of audience. This time can also be utilised to rebrand your service/products online with relevant content in order to reach out to large number of audience.

Don’t miss on any chance of communication

Many beauty & wellness brands are utilizing the social media to their fullest to communicate with their customers. Allow your brand to spread its legs throughout the digital platform to communicate and assure your audience that your brand has taken utmost care in the sanitization process. Tweak the interaction in such a way that the listener is confident that you are the best.Online is the most effective way to communicate live development of your brand. Also, helps you to keep your audience in loop about the re-opening of your brand post lockdown. Build Brand Loyalty by your online presence and methods of online communication.

By adapting these pointers, help your clients to not regret about taking up your services or visiting your clinic. These are few ways beauty industry might adapt after coronavirus. Beauty & Wellness Industry has been affected the most, but choose the digital step to show that your brand will overcome no matter whatever is the Crisis.

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