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18 May

Best practice to build online presence during COVID-19

The financial burdens due to Covid-19 has put many Small and Medium Business (SMB) in search of affordable ways to commercialize their business. The good news is that more people spend time online than ever before and there are many simple ways to digitally reach your customers without spending a dime.

As people around the world are adjusting to the new standard of social distancing, small business owners and digital marketing strategists are scrambling to rotate campaigns, adjust content calendars, and come up with new creative ideas to market their brands.Your brand can reach its target market via online channels including Google, Facebook, Instagram and many more. Utilize these channels in a smart way to maintain your market position especially during Covid-19.

Best practice to build online presence during COVID-19

Here are a few practices that will help you build a strong Online / Digital presence especially during this pandemic crisis of Covid-19:

  1. Be ready for your audience on Search Engine
    Your Google My Business Profile is a free listing on both Google Maps and Google Local Search results which appears for your company online. Consumers are doing even more “close me” and “available now” searches on Google during COVID-19 because of special hours, physical restrictions, and restricted travel.
    Unlike social media sites, Google users are engaged in the quest for content. Google My Business (GMB) posts allows you to receive updates and special offers from consumers who are ready to engage. This a great way to reach and retain customers during COVID-19. And with GMB ‘s latest COVID-19 post form, you will be much more successful at getting to the audience at the right time.
  2. Try out various Social Media Platforms
    More people are reportedly streaming live streams today than ever before. In fact, Facebook Live viewers have increased by up to 50%. This free marketing feature has many apparent applications, such as answering consumer questions from COVID-19, offering practical tips, or leading a quarantine workout. This is a good time to run live sessions on your traditional and evergreen topics with viewership at an all-time high, which you can repurpose down the line once the coronavirus phase has passed.
  3. Make use of Relevant Hashtag
    Hashtags is a free way to reach out to your audience also an effective way to increase your reach on social media. There are, of course, many popular COVID-19 hashtags floating around you. But wide hashtags such as # COVID19 won’t give you much exposure. Usage of location and industry modifications is the key.
  4. Leverage your Digital Content
    Right now, the internet is flooded with COVID-19 content, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t even attempt to appear on the first page of a Google search. You could also tie in your geographical region to reach out to your target audience more effectively. Small explanatory video content can also help in increasing the quality of your content. These coronavirus-relevant blogs/ articles/ content will accumulate traffic in and out themselves, but they will also boost your overall SEO for your website over the long term.

These digital marketing methods are great strategies to reach your audience and alleviate the economic hardship during COVID-19, but they can be adapted for use even after the pandemic has gone through.

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