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2 Apr

A Digital Marketing Guide for your Franchise

As a franchise, it’s important to ensure that you stand out online and also have a brand consistency. For that, it is paramount that you have a digital marketing strategy in place. Digital marketing strategies for franchises have proved to show significant growth in brand visibility online and also in generating leads. There are many effective digital marketing strategies to get more leads and visits; however it’s important to know what would suit your franchise the best.

There many online marketing channels for franchises. Here, we’ll tell you one of the important and suitable one that will help your franchise grow.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM or SEO):

Many users increasingly perform searches on their mobiles and there has been a notable increase in the use of “near me” when looking for some place or business around their area. Include keywords on your sites that users are more likely to use so it’s easy for them to find you easily online. Your website also needs to be well structured for search engines to find you easily. Many digital marketing trends have shown increase in the success rate when paid good attention to SEO and SEM.


Content remains one of the best ways for brands to increase audience engagement and to increase organic traffic on your website. Include practical content, for example, how-to-guides that cater to the users and will make them want to be on your page longer. Users on an average spend about 3 seconds on a page; this means your content needs to show value up front. Using proper headings, media on the page that will attract the users will prove useful.


As mentioned above, your website needs to be structured along with being mobile friendly so that users can easily access it. Your site also needs to load fast as users lose interest if your page takes too much time to load. Your website should also have content that is easily available to the user, for example having all your main services on the “menu” section of your page.

Digital Marketing For Franchises

Social Media:

Like many others, digital marketing for franchise businesses is an effective plan to boost your engagement and social media which has emerged as one of the best platforms for it is an efficient way for the success of your business. Social media is a channel over which you have control. It’s absolutely important to first establish an image or a voice of your brand and guidelines on how you want your brand want to be pushed out. You also need to decide your target audience, what type of content will you be sharing and most importantly, the channels to be used for your content.

Pay Per Click Advertising:

The competition out there is very high and pay per click will give you an edge over the others. With precise targeting, it can be a very cost effective way to reach new customers. Using display ads and search ads to promote your brand can also give it a boost and bring it to the users’ attention. Customizing them to specific locations can help in targeting a niche audience too.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing can be a compelling way to grow your business. It helps to keep in touch with your previous customers, promote your ads to your existing customers which will drive them to engage on your site.

Analytics and Reporting:

This is not exactly a medium; however it’s an important tool to track how all the above mentioned channels are working for the growth of your business. Keeping a report of all your analytics helps you track where you’re doing good and where you’re lacking. This will also save you money in the long run since you get an idea of where exactly to spend your money.

Digital marketing for franchises can be complex, but if executed correctly, they can provide you with excellent results. Above mentioned are some of the most effective strategies that you can use as part of the marketing plan for your franchise business.

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