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12 Oct

Emerging trends within the online home furnishing industry

According to a study by eMarketer, eCommerce for furniture and home décor sales grew by over 16%. That is a whopping $36 billion. eCommerce is modifying every shopping experience. The trend to use an online platform for furniture,is hard to believe but the growing sales prove otherwise.

What drove the digital drifts? With the increasing demand for more eCommerce platforms for home décor, retailers must keep in mind the current trends and what it entails to stay at the top of their game. This will ensure that they are well ahead of their competitors.

Click-to-brick stores

In spite of the rising trends to shop online, the stores are bringing new styles into their showrooms to attract customers. They are also opening up various new locations. Stores such as Ballard Designs, use traditional catalogues as well as online data to bring a new & unique shopping experience. This kind of multiple approach is a digital marketing strategy for furnishing stores. Where they are providing all the available options to a customer for utmost revenue collection whether online or at brick-and-mortar locations.

Omni Channel Marketing Directed at Millennials

Omni Channel is a multiple channel sales approach which arranges for an integrated and unique customer experience, for a consumer. Even though, the Millennials spend umpteen hours surfing the net, it is proved by a research that a vast percentage still prefer to purchase home furnishings in store. This is an ideal situation for companies who have adapted Omni Channel Marketing, to administer and provide different options to maximise sales. They could definitely use digital marketing for their home furnishing stores via social media networking sites & videos to attract the Millennials.

Home Décor, Kitchen and Bath

Affordable prices, easy & fast shipping, constant offers and from the comfort of your own home have considerably increased online sales of Home Décor & Kitchen &bath goods. Companies have started using digital marketing strategies for the furnishing stores such as offers and coupons to attract the attention of customers.

Investment Furniture

With large heavy furniture comes larger shipping bills. Hence, large-item retailers are unpretentious. This is because the huge success of the online trends for home furnishing stores has not affected them. Large objects are expensive to ship and hence brick-and-mortar stores are financially secured. A few strategies like delivery via local stores and self-pick-up to escape huge shipping costs can motivate more customers to purchase.

The Rise of Augmented Virtual Reality

To do away with guess work, the new age technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality provides a customer with a virtual image of how their house will appear with their new furnishing goods. This helps buyers who are particular to make the right decision. This avoids confusion and helps the customer to have a great experience. With technology advancement, it will also be possible to take 3D images on every phone. This in turn will make this experience available via online stores as well. These features give manufactures and retailers a chance to take advantage of Omni Channel Marketing to lessen the gap between online and physical shopping. The client gets a great shopping experience either in store or online and the revenue as well as brand awareness of the company increases at the same time.

Ecommerce is here to stay, and those business that embrace it are more likely to thrive than those who try and survive without it, or worse – try to fight it. The home furnishing industry is rapidly growing and with this new age of technology, one must adapt by any means necessary.

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