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12 May

Why your school needs to go Digital?

Nowadays, the outlook of running schools has changed. Running schools has now become more about it being a business rather than running a social activity for a good cause of educating people. However, over the past couple of years, social media has transformed the way people look at handling schools and converting the prospects into enrollments. Parents and teenagers are all online, and nowadays expect to be engaged. It is important to use digital marketing for the education industry.

Here are 5 tips that can help schools covert their prospective students into enrollments through the medium of social media, or in other words – school marketing ideas:

  • Improve the website experience: In order to engage parents and teenagers on your website, the website must be responsive enough for people to navigate it on your mobile devices as well. One must not find it hard to browse through your website on your cell phones. The website should also be professional and fast.
  • Improve your organic search visibility with SEO: It is essential for any school website to improve their search engine organic results in order to be visible and let people know about you. A lot of parents do their research before enrolling for schools and the most common keyword for school enrollments is “Best school in the respective area”. Hence, it is important for one to improve their rankings on the Google page in order to be visible.
  • Build a community on Facebook: Facebook has now become a great medium for parents to have a conversation with other parents, teachers, and students and get to know more about the schools. Facebook gives the schools an opportunity to create an online presence for themselves and create communities where they can upload the relative photos, videos, ask questions, get to know the schedules running in school. It basically means using social media strategy for education.
  • Improve your online reputation: In today’s day and age, it is essential for people running school businesses to have an impactful online presence. Online reviews are as important as personal recommendations and one must give their attention on improving it constantly.
  • Get more search traffic fast with Google Ad words: Google key Ad words is where one’s most interest should lie in. Google Ad words collectively include the most searched keywords by users. To plan a successful campaign with Google, it is essential to include a lot of planning and understanding that goes behind it.

There are other guidelines as well that one must follow while building an online presence for running school businesses. It is essential to use the best digital marketing ideas for education:

  • Continue to engage with your students and alumni on LinkedIn
  • Communicate regularly with email newsletters
  • Start producing online video
  • Use your offline communication to leverage your online activity
  • Maintain a blog and continue to produce valuable and engaging content

In conclusion, in order to run a school business through the use of social media, it is important for the people responsible for running to keep in mind that what the parents want from the school, how they find the information, how they consume it and then engage with the information because, in the end, they are the decision makers for their children which will eventually turn into school enrollments.

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