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12 May

Facebook Groups: New Era Of Digital Marketing?

Facebook shifted its focus from connecting with old friends and meeting new people with the same interest to generating revenue from Facebook ads. There are over 2 billion active users on Facebook which is more than the human population of many countries. With such an immense base of active users, Facebook kept generating revenue through ads, its number one priority rather than user-generated engagement from profiles. This led to a downfall of organic reach by Facebook which in return led to the rise of Facebook groups, which became a very important part of any Facebook digital marketing campaign.


How Facebook groups changed the game?

Facebook was created with the aim of connecting your dear ones and like minded people. The idea of connecting with like minded people has been the ultimate aim behind creating Facebook groups whereas staying connected with your dear and loved ones is taken care of by the Facebook algorithm.

Facebook groups increase the chance of getting more relevant engagement and impressions for a post compared to directly posting it through a business page. This is because, ever since the latest update of Facebook’s algorithm, level of personalization and customization of content in regular news feed has become insignificant. This is the main reason that top digital marketing agencies and brands are putting all their resources and energy in building up Facebook groups and engaging in groups of like minded audience.  For example: Someone who is planning to move to a different city and is looking for accommodation would be interested to be a part of housing & accommodation group rather than a group which is concerned with health and fitness. That’s why in such situations brands which are concerned with providing accommodation should choose to promote their brand and product in that group. This is one way of using Facebook groups for business and marketing.  Since this is a way of precise targeting, it saves a lot of time and money and results in better conversion rates. When you engage in a Facebook groups, you develop quality leads and it increases your ROI, which makes your Facebook marketing campaign cost effective.

Facebook Group Marketing


Importance of engagement

All audiences and customers appreciate interactions. When a brand engages with their consumers, it gives them a sense of satisfaction and it develops the relationship between the brand and consumer. People have been complaining about the dying organic reach and engagement on Facebook. But the digital marketers have found the answer to tackle this and the answer lies in Facebook groups.

It’s the job of a digital marketer to ideate the best way to use Facebook groups as a tool to increase visibility and engagement of their posts on Facebook. Facebook’s algorithm works in such a way that there is a better chance for a viewer to see a post shared in a group rather than on normal feed as the post on the group comes under users area of interest.

It has been observed many times that when a brand announces a highly-requested feature, it increases the engagement amongst the community.


Analyzing Group Data

A good brand manager or a digital marketer analyzes the group data to regulate at what times they are most likely to see the highest engagement in the group. Group data allows admins to understand when the majority of the members are online and they can plan to upload the posts accordingly. For example: If according to the available data, the majority of the group members are offline during the middle of the day then it’s pointless to try and engage with the members of the group since most of them would not be available to be a part of it.


Support from Facebook for Groups

Facebook has been very supportive of groups and group admins and has implemented various new features in ‘Group’ feature of Facebook which is designed to help keep groups safe and make it easier for admins to manage their online communities.

Facebook also introduced a pilot support program which makes it very easy for group admins to report issues, or ask a question, and get a response by the next day. This pilot support system also came with a new feature which automatically notifies a group member why their content may have been removed.

Group admins and moderators can also collaborate and keep a log of deleted posts via the admin activity log, as well as choose members whose content can post automatically without being reviewed.

Facebook has also created an online learning resource for group admins that include tutorials, product demos and case studies aimed at teaching them how to keep their communities safe and engaged.

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