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17 Apr

What is YouTube Stories and will it catch on?

Stories have become one of the most successful formats of social media

If you use social media, you must have definitely come across stories. They are short videos or images, compatible with only mobile devices for content sharing. Social Media stories have become very successful with apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook introducing them. Snapchat being the first to introduce it, Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp have followed. The latest app that has also introduced stories is YouTube. What are YouTube stories? YouTube stories have been designed for channel promotion and community engagement. They are similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories. Youtube stories last for 7 days, unlike the traditional 24 hours lifespan. Viewers can comment on them and give a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’.  For subscribers, they will appear on their subscriptions feed and other viewers will see them on their homepage, they can also view them on the creator’s channel. Creators can respond to their viewers’ comments by replying to them individually as a video or an image.

 The low-down on YouTube Stories

Youtube stories are only available to those creators or channels that have more than 10,000 subscribers. This seems unfair to smaller creators as they don’t get a chance to boost their engagement. Although they’re a part of Youtube’s marketing strategy to increase viewer engagement, they’re only benefiting the bigger creators and channels.  Smaller creators don’t have the budget and reach for sponsorships and partnering with brands. They have to rely only on the videos for increasing engagement.

YouTube Stories - Redundant or Essential?

Building on community

YouTube stories is an effective tool for creators to build a community by holding contests, showing them behind the scenes action or giveaways. It is aimed at increasing viewership engagement on the creator’s channel. Since it is aimed at bigger creators, it’s also helping YouTube’s influencer marketing with the creators engaging in brand marketing on their youtube stories. YouTube stories also allow creators to keep in touch with their viewers who might not follow them on other social media and involve them too. It allows them to connect more with their audience on YouTube itself than going elsewhere. Additionally, YouTube stories have become an effective tool for digital marketing for brands.

Will YouTube Stories Work?

Recent social media marketing case studies have shown the rise of stories and how they’ve helped in showing an insight into our personal lives and that of the creators. Although YouTube, by doing the same, is increasing the viewership engagement of creators, there is criticism that their iteration of social media stories is redundant. With this new Youtube media marketing tool, the smaller creators struggle to get views and increase their engagement, the already established creators, on the other hand, continue to grow bigger with YouTube stories.

Creators like Philip DeFranco doubt the potential of the YouTube stories and whether they’ll stick around, only time will tell.

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