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18 Mar

Why your online reputation management is everything?

Today, one negative image, review, or news article shared online can destroy a brand image in minutes. It is imperative to respond immediately to negative customer feedback, customize individual communication and resolve the grievances to curb negative impact on brand image. Keeping these aspects in mind it becomes important to understand what it means to manage an online reputation and how to go about managing your online reputation to prevent crisis as well as build your brand image online. We will get into topics such as what is online reputation management and how to do online reputation management as well as the benefits of online reputation management.


In olden times, people used to source their information from books, newspapers and television. With the recent penetration of smartphones into all aspects of our lives now people majorly get their information from digital media – online sources as well as from social media. With the increasing amount of people getting their information online it becomes important to monitor the information and perception that you want to give of your company online. One negative comment on social media can have a ripple effect and completely decimate your brand perception and hence your brand value, hence it is increasingly necessary to be proactive in your brand strategy and build a positive brand perception. Keeping all of this in mind we’ll seek to answer the question “How do i manage online reputation?”  and outline the effective steps for a good online reputation management strategy.


Three-step approach for managing online reputation


Build – It is important to build an online reputation if you already don’t have one. When you’re building your online reputation you’re starting from scratch, you don’t have any reputation at the moment hence it is your responsibility to research and do it right. Create a strong digital web presence in a positive manner by creating social media as well as internet pages and improve your brand identity. This is why it is extremely important to have online reputation management in digital marketing as well. Building a strong web presence is important for a digital marketing agency because an agency is managing other brand’s reputations so their own brand reputation should be impeccable.

Online Reputation Management


Monitor – After you are done with the build phase and have created a positive social identity for yourself on digital platforms it then becomes necessary to monitor this reputation and make sure that nothing is damaging this reputation. The monitoring stage is the stage that most companies will be at for a large period of time for the simple reason that if a company’s reputation is properly managed then there will be no need for trying to “Repair” it for a good majority of time. Monitoring maintains a brand’s image and is beneficial for digital marketing for b2b services.  A properly monitored reputation will prevent problems and create a positive brand image and improve your brand value, improving your perceptions and relations with business clients. You should partner with a firm that actively monitors your online reputation as well as maintains preferred search rankings. Monitoring includes overseeing content such as blogs, videos, social media posts, photos, infographics and interviews.


Repair – When an online reputation is damaged, damage control is extremely imperative to maintain brand image, brand value and brand loyalty. Stakeholders will be closely following the brand’s online communication for a response to a crisis.This step is usually the step that is most imperative to follow for the  online reputation management companies  that aim to protect the brand image. Once a crisis occurs, the brand’s response determines the brand’s image and value more than the crisis does. Good crisis management can make or break a brand’s image.


For these reasons online reputation management is essential, and when creating or maintaining a good brand image, it is extremely imperative and important to keep these three main ideas in mind – build, monitor and repair. Understanding these is instrumental and fundamental to creating a powerful and everlasting brand image.

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