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14 Jan

How can live chat benefit your real estate business?

Real estate digital marketing trends will only flourish if the people respond to the opportunities they come across. To close the deal communicating in person is important. But usually the primary communication between the real estate agent and the home buyers takes place online. Communicating online as its own benefits- speed, outreach, easy to use. In case, if something goes off track you could let go of a customer long before he enters your open house.

Fortunately, live chat can help the real estate agents maintain a strategic distance from the Digital customer service while at the same time boosting deals.

Listed below are some benefits of live chat for brokers and real estate agents:

1. Factors of Poor Digital Customer Experience:

Previously, a lot of real estate agents communicated with their customers on face to face bases. Even if it was a discussion at your agency or a Sunday open house, You strengthen a bond with the home buyers by building a pact, some charm, and your expertise. But in today’s world the upcoming generation leads the market and it’s also about what the customer can discover about before making their contacts.

After the home buyers have discovered their agents they start contacting them and they expect and immediate response. Due to a a lot of issues the agents cannot reach their digital expectations.

  • They lack the resources to respond immediately: there are relying on emails and other means to interconnect with the customers instead of in person communications.
  • Lack of timing: They are not organized, they don’t know how to handle every enquiry time to time.
  • Lack of communication: They tend to leave most of the messages unanswered.

It is very rare that the agents reply to their customers immediately. Your response in time can be a difference in closing a deal or losing one.

2. Benefits of a quick response time:

Responding a customer immediately in a key of attracting potential buyers to your business. But if u research a little deeper there are a lot of more benefits. A real estate trainer suggests that it is important to reply on all enquires within 5 minutes.

Although, today’s home buyers are the upcoming generation and they tend to be digital friendly, that’s why they expect things to be done immediately. The upcoming generations enjoys text messaging and chat app and they expect the same kind of response from the real estate agency. By using the right resources such as productivity management tools for real estate agencies and chat-boxes. You can change your customers digital experience in just a few seconds.

How can live chat benefit your real estate business?

3. Real Estate Digital Marketing Case Studies:

A previous study from Real Trends exhibited the real potential of chat boxes. The real estate agent who want to remain competitive and who want to raise their business, this is how you go. The surveyed offered a 16-question survey to a group of real estate agencies that had employed third-party chat services to handle their online inquiries. A few questions were asked to the answerer to compare how their leads increased after installing the chat service and to evaluate their conversation rate of those leads. Nearly 60% of the respondents stated that live state service was an important part of their business and response from the agents were immense and positive.

Additionally, for best outcomes, 71% of respondents started the chat after customers spent a lot of amount of time on their websites

With regards to producing new leads chat box promoted 36% of expansion in their contacts.Almost 50% of those contacts were qualified leads, and generally 8% of those leads brought about an exchange.That rate is multiple times higher than other strategies for converting clients. It’s clear that live chat services are a requirement.

4. What to do when tools are already in place:

After you have included new communication resources into your digital strategy, use the following tips to deliver the best experience and give your LIVE CHAT a personal touch.

  • Personalised automation: In case if you are going to use automated responses, do your best to make your customers feel homely and connected. Use emoji’s or relatable languages.
  • Clarify expectations: Make sure you answer your customers enquires immediately, before doing that try to understand your customer’s expectations.
  • Be appreciative: Key point; always appreciate your customers. Be polite when you talking to them and use appreciative words like ‘please’ ‘thank you’ and respect them.
  • Be friendly: Be friendly to your customers by asking their name so that they a feel comfortable and adds a bit of familiarity to the conversation.
  • Be clear: Explain each and everything in detail to avoid miscommunication.
  • Take actions: Don’t end the conversation without taking further steps even if it is setting a meeting at your agency or meeting at a property

5. Adapting to Change:
Along with today’s technology a real estate industry switches and changes, It’s essential for the agents to alter. Most of the buyer’s in today’s date are the upcoming generation and they’ve grown up during a time of remarkable technology advancements.Text messages and chat apps are the key to reach the up coming generation buyers.

They are quick at processing information and they expect the same service when they’re hiring.

With the above-mentioned importance of live chat for real estate agents and industry. These tips may help you deal with millennial buyers. Once implemented correctly, they can drastically improve an existing real estate business.

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