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12 Oct

Tinder Swipes Right to Advertising

Surely, everybody today is familiar with Tinder. The ‘swipe right’ and ‘swipe left’ phrases have become a part of our daily lingo. With a user base of over 50 million, it is no surprise that digital marketing agencies have already approached the application with advertising. Tinder is one of the most popular applications used by millennials, and a great platform for brands to connect with them innovatively. Some of the clever tinder campaigns adopted by digital advertising companies over that past couple of years include:

  1. Dominos

For its Tinder Valentine’s Day campaign, Domino’s Pizza used images of heart-shaped pizzas that appeared on the application. When the user swiped right, they were matched with the company and were offered the chance to win freebies and other special offers from Domino’s Pizza. Users had to send cheesy pick-up lines, and the great ones received tasty rewards. It is a great example of using tinder for marketing.

  1. The Mindy Project & Suits

Fox Entertainment created profiles for The Mindy Project’s lead characters Mindy and Danny and users that swiped right were presented with a message telling them to watch the next episode.  Suits also created profiles accurately matching the personalities of Harvey Specter and Rachel Zane and users that swiped right were given access to exclusive content from the show’s new season.

It is essential that travel companies plan a special experience for all their customers. Offering something of value, above what is already expected, can give the extra edge that travel companies need for their customers.

Advertising on tinder is quite controlled to avoid making it too annoying for users. If users are bombarded with too many advertisements, it cuts out the exclusiveness of the experience.
  1. The Body Shop

The Body Shop made great use of tinder for branding by raising money for sustaining natural habitats. It helped to create awareness and fund a rainforest land for the sustenance of an endangered species of monkeys.

  1. Amnesty International

For International Women’s Day, Amnesty International Australia used tinder advertising to raise awareness about their campaign on forced marriages. They replaced profile pictures with downloadable images that illustrated the oppression of women around the world. The intention was to direct traffic towards their website where users could read more about the cause and also participate in the quick quiz. Amnesty International specifically chose this cause since it was related to the objective of Tinder by which people have the choice to be with who they want to, which was not the case with the communities they were talking about.


Tinder Advertising Campaign

Tinder advertising campaigns are easily identifiable for users. They can usually tell with the display when it is an advertisement. Even after swiping right on an ad, users have the option to decide whether they want to visit a third party page. Premium customers that pay for special services on Tinder have the option to mute advertisements if they want a clean experience. However, a lot of users generally appreciate the innovativeness of the tinder ad campaigns. Tinder advertising is currently niche enough to not ruin the user experience. The campaigns are normally in context with the main objective of tinder and have content that is interesting and entertaining. Advertising on tinder is quite controlled to avoid making it too annoying for users. If users are bombarded with too many advertisements, it cuts out the exclusiveness of the experience. Tinder has a wide enough user base of the millennial audience for brands to target for their campaigns, that can be successful if correctly implemented.

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