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23 Aug


With people now spending more time on messaging apps than social media, the latest weapon in a marketer’s arsenal is the Chatbot- the new shiny toy in the world of digital and social media marketing that is rumored (rightly so) to take businesses to the next level.

Considered the next step in the evolution of the internet, chatbots are computer programs powered by artificial intelligence and designed to mimic conversation with people across a chat interface. In other words, chatbots serve as online personal assistants that provide one on one interaction and simultaneously transform customer service by improving efficiency, speed and most importantly, user comfort.

Here are a few benefits of Chatbots for business!

  1. They offer full-time Customer Service 
    With multi-tasking is at an all-time high (yes, we know you checked your messages while reading this article), it’s nearly impossible to attend every customer query that comes your way. This is where Chatbots come in to save the day. As a personal assistant tool that runs on artificial intelligence, if programmed correctly, can fill in for you, even when you’re busy doing something else. In fact, according to a survey conducted by ubisend, almost 28% of consumers “strongly agree” that businesses should respond to their customers 24/7 while 23% “agreed”. So you can have that much deserved coffee break, make some extra money, and guarantee yourself some happy customers!
  2. Messaging apps for Social Marketing are the Trend
    According to The Economist, the current 2.5 billion people who use messaging apps are predicted to reach a whopping 3.6 billion in the next couple of years. Since messaging apps have a much larger user presence than social media, Chatbots (with their chat interface feature) will reach customers on the platform they prefer the most. It seems only fitting that chatbots and their presence on messaging apps will not only save customers time, but also increase convenience.
  3. Texting over everything!
    According to a statistic by the Chatbot magazine, text messages have a stunning 98% open rate in comparison to the 20% for email. Why, you ask? Consumers have become weary when it comes to emails, largely because of the annoyingly high mass of spam that comes with it, while text-messaging proves to be an easier task. With that kind of disparity in rates between two features that perform essentially the same thing, it only makes sense that businesses who take advantage of the messaging platform, are more likely to effectively reach their intended audience through chatbots integrated into messaging apps. So use messaging apps for marketing and save your customers from having to scour through tons of spam.
  4. It’s all about what the customer wants!
    Any seasoned businessman worth his salt, knows that the customer is always right. So if 9 out of 10 users globally prefer messaging as their number one customer service channel, then who are we to argue? Moreover, according to Twilio, 85% of people want a two way conversation with brands through messaging. This goes to show that chatbots can be a great marketing strategy for brand building and creating opportunities to connect deeply with customers.So if you’re looking for more free time, an increased customer base and lots and lots of productivity, Chatbots are the way to go!
  5. You want to expand
    While the human mind has evolved considerably enough to multi-task, unless we miraculously stumble upon supernatural powers, there’s only so much us mere mortals can do. That means if your existing customer contact solutions is driven solely by human agents, then it would limit any opportunities of expansion because a live agent can only handle 3-4 customer chats simultaneously. However, by using a chatbot to mimic conversation that reflects your human agents, you can receive and respond to more customers than ever before. So, if you’re looking to take your business to higher markets without having to worry about lack of manpower, chatbots is what you’re after.
  6. You want an efficient workplace
    Customer service agents are flooded with a large volume of calls from anxious customers on a daily basis. While we like to think that each customer is unique, their questions tend to revolve around a common theme- business policy. So while employees tirelessly answer the same routine questions, they are held back from doing more meaningful and productive work. The use of chatbots is a perfect way to resolve this problem. A correctly programmed chatbot can act as a first point of contact for customers with basic everyday questions, freeing up employees to assist with more meaningful projects.
  7. Online Shopping Assistant
    How often have you walked into a store knowing exactly what you wanted to buy? I’m guessing almost never. More often than not, shoppers have a vague vision of what they’re looking for but depend on the support staff to complete their sentences and help them find the perfect fit. This consumer behaviour extends to the online platform as well. In fact, a survey by LivePerson shows that 83% of online shoppers need assistance while shopping. So, if your customers aren’t one of the few independent know-it alls that prefer to go it on their own, chatbot can offer comfort, fill in the blanks and offer knowledgeable assistance to a user that may feel cautious about the idea of online shopping.
  8. Your brand may go global.
    The best thing about chatbots or any automated service is that it doesn’t need sleep or rest. So if your customers on the other side of the globe have pressing questions when you’re just about to get some shut-eye, your 24/7 Chatbot will save the day.
  9. You want more Brand engagement.
    It’s well known marketing strategy that the more you engage with your customers, the more business you get from them. So far, social media platforms have proved useful for businesses to engage with customers through creative content, leading to a 20-30% increase in profits. By adding Chatbots to the mix, you can take this engagement to the next level by making it more interactive and conversational. So if you want a loyal and involved customer base, use Chatbots for digital marketing.
  10. Chatbots are the future.
    Chatbots, a tool that is becoming increasingly popular by the minute for digital marketing, has enormous potential. With leading platforms such as Facebook launching the Facebook messenger chatbot, it is only a matter of time before Chatbots became the norm in the field of digital marketing. So if you want to get a head start on building your brand and pave way for productivity, we suggest that you adopt a chatbot at the earliest.
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