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13 Jul

11 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase your Website Traffic

How often do you skip the first couple of sites on Google because they’re ads? Or completely ignore that shiny side banner while reading an article on your favorite website? If you’re like 90% of consumers out there, you rely on more “organic sources” on the internet. In an age when anyone selling practically anything can pop up on a user’s screen, it is crucial to drive your customers to your website, organically. There are 11 ways on how to increase organic traffic in 2017:-

  1. Create Quality Content
    As we speak, your competition keeps on increasing! Quality content is the most important amongst all other tips to increase traffic. It’s an old cliche but it’s truer today than it ever was – content is king. One mustn’t only ensure good quality content but also that it’s well presented and a pleasure to read.
  2. Be an Influencer
    Being an influencer is all about finding your niche and having an impact on it. It is not an easy thing to do but influencing others through your expertise funnels audiences back to your website. People often consult influencers when trying out a new product or service and this could be your way to an increased traffic.
  3. Build a Strong Social Media presence
    One cannot stress enough on the importance of social media. In the age of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, you need to identify what Social Networks to be present on and build on it from day one!
  4. Get tagging on Social Media
    Tagging relevant people and other businesses can help companies a lot in their initial phases. It is an assured way of increasing viewership and followers. A lot depends on the content but it is one of the more effective organic traffic generation strategies available.
  5. Study your Metrics
    Data is everything! A look at your website’s metrics will give you a strong indication of whether your website has the information about the user’s queries. Strategically alter your content and keywords based on these results.
  6. Keep updating your content
    The best way to increase organic traffic is keeping your content updated. The “you heard it first at”, phrase typically notorious at radio stations is synonymous to this scenario. It is a powerful tool. Fresh content attracts new and hence more viewers.
  7. Stay in tune with current trends
    With the advent of social media, people catch up on trends way quicker than they did before. While trying to increase reach and viewership it is important to stay updated with the current trends and keep the users interested with today’s news.
  8. Blog about your user’s questions and problems
    Interactive content generates more views and is one of the easier ways to increase your reach organically. Conducting surveys and being informed about what the consumer wants to know about can give you an advantage in generating relevant content that adds value to them.
  9. Keywords
    A keyword is a word which is a topic of significance and is used to idealise and verbalise the problem. These words embedded in the back end of your website determine your website link showing up in the appropriate search queries. Updating your back end with the correct set of keywords empowers your website to rise higher in the list of optimised results, thus increasing viewership.
  10. SEO
    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a webpage or website in the web search engine’s unpaid results. SEO is a complex practise accounting multiple factors such as keywords and backlinks. With the ever expanding web it is almost impossible to optimize your website perfectly. However, ensuring SEO is being done for your website will definitely push it higher(depending on the quality of optimization) on the list of search results, greatly increasing traffic- organically.

Using these tips to increase organic traffic enables you to optimise your website and maximise your visibility and online traction. Don’t be just another website that’s there for the “sake of being there”, stand out and increase your organic traffic!

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