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13 May

Why your product needs a video “trailer”

Search Engine Optimization has been changing drastically over the years, but if 2017 has brought with it any solid tips, an essential one is: If you want your company to stand out in the crowd, you need to start video optimization!

Let’s consider your product or service to be a movie. In all likelihood, the movie is great but people don’t know about it. Print ads and press conferences only go so far in promoting it but there’s not enough content for your audience to sink their teeth in. So, you release a trailer to entice them. If your trailer is good, odds are that people will be flocking to theatres to catch your movie. Similarly, if used correctly, Video SEO can serve as a movie trailer and drive customers to your product or service better.

Often people overlook video in SEO campaigns, rendering it unimportant. Video optimization as a digital strategy, when used to its potential is interactive, and highly engaging- 62% of Google universal searches include videos!

The second largest search engine in the world is YouTube, having 1/3rd of the internet using population as its users. Using it to increase publicity is a no-brainer in 2017. YouTube search engine optimization gives your brand access to an enormous population, thus making your target audience sizeable. There are several SEO video optimizing tips to help your brand garner a distinct online presence.

Some YouTube video SEO tips are-

  • Use catchy titles and descriptions to attract a larger audience to your video.
  • Use interactive video elements such as in-video links. Make them helpful to the audiences in solving problems and overcoming obstacles. This will help with maintaining of a positive relationship with your audience.
  • Provide viewers with new information.
  • Use simple and relevant keywords to make the search easy and your brand more accessible.
  • Allow external video embedding: this will lay a vast network for your brand and make it better known as your videos will appear in multiple places all over the web.

Video websites like YouTube and Vimeo have a massive number of users- over 1 billion and 100 million respectively. A video SEO marketing strategy is to use these video websites as a mandatory base to create awareness for your brand, by using shorter versions of engaging content. This will eventually lead users to your own domain, where the essence of your brand lies. This will help in garnering a larger audience without giving credit to any other website!

The advantages of video SEO are numerous – due to lesser competition, there is a 11,000 – 1 chance of a video making it to Google’s first page as compared to the 500,000-1 chance of text-based information! Video thumbnails also have a 41% higher chance of being clicked on, using the visual element to grab people’s attention. So go out there and make use of one of 2017’s most effective methods of brand development and put your brand in the spotlight on the online map!

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