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13 Sep

Up Your Business’s Ante with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Social media is rapidly changing the business landscape. Take for example Instagram. The photo-sharing network recently launched a feature known as Instagram Stories. This very talked about feature allows users to share, in the format of a slideshow, videos and photos that will disappear after 24 hours. Such a posting on social media has an ephemeral quality which makes the ‘story’ all the more precious and popular. Users can send direct messages regarding a Story and you can see the precise number of viewers. This user interaction turns Instagram into a personalised platform to publicise and grow your business.

Instagram for business marketing can be used productively and to your business’s advantage. Here are a few examples that show you exactly how you can use this wonderful new feature to leverage the power of the app:

  • Grow Your Business like Intel
    You can grow your business with a Story. A primary benefit of instant video is that it is quick and easy. Images are reactive, immediate and authentic. Hit record and upload, without any required editing. This feature on Instagram makes little moments valuable.To make your Instagram marketing a hit, why not draw some inspiration from Intel. Their account is filled with imaginative images of products and ideas. With Instagram, your business is given a creative outlet that is refreshing and light-hearted. Because Stories are different from your existing feed, you can share any amount of content you desire without the fear of spamming the viewers and your followers.
  • Behind-the-Scenes with Macy’s and GE
    One idea to using Instagram for your business is to show everybody what exactly happens behind closed doors. You can take viewers on a journey by uploading behind-the-scenes content, and give your followers an insight into the inner workings of your business. Macy’s does a wonderful job of this. They combine merchandise pictures with behind-the-scenes photographs from events like runway shows and the Macy’s Day Parade.General Electric (GE) is another company that uses Instagram expertly. They share close-up pictures of huge engines, and display shots of processes and intricate machinery that they create. A behind-the-scenes look initiates an intimate connection to a business.
  • Introduce Your Brand like Adidas and Warby Parker
    Another tip to using an Instagram Story for your business is to introduce your brand. You can personalise your business and heighten your engagement with an audience. The Adidas Originals Instagram handle shares pictures of what people do in their shoes. Some pictures depict a person exploring a city, while another picture shows someone else DJ-ing in Adidas shoes. Using these sort of images gives your brand its own unique personality.Like Adidas, Warby Parker is another company that uses Stories efficiently. The eyewear company shows off their merchandise through Isntagram, without it seeming like a catalogue. With innovative methods and subtle yet strong images, Instagram can draw positive attention for your business.If you’re ready to embrace the power of instagram, you can use these simple tips for marketing on Instagram Stories and experience the positive results first-hand.
  • A Novel Platform
    With more than 400 million users in 2015, Instagram is the current favourite among millennials. So, do not hesitate to hop on the digital bandwagon. Instagram Stories for business makes for unique selling points. You can enter real-time video marketing without much hassle. Stories are an engaging way to connect and relate with consumers and customers. Investing energy and time in successful social media strategies reaps invaluable results for your venture. Instagram for business is a winning idea. Use it to give your business that extra advantage.

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