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8 Mar

No More ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Marketing! Make way for Personalized Marketing

Picture this: You are at a clothing store with the most fashionable ensembles you’ve ever seen! You rush to the shelves, ecstatically picking up one clothing after the other thinking ‘this will make me a head turner’, only to realize they do not even have a sock available in your size…
Did we just hear a heartbreak?

If the clothes you seek shouldn’t be ‘One-Size-Fits-All’, why should your Marketing be?

Here comes Personalized & Real Time Marketing, on an One on One basis.

If ever there was a need to cut through the noise of rival brands and reach your customers with what you have to offer, it is now! Real-Time Personalization, one of the oldest but underutilised marketing techniques, successfully helps you do just that. By gauging the consumer persona and understanding a common behaviour pattern, a brand can easily initiate Personalized Marketing with the cornucopia of data they possess. This technique is set to become a digital trend in 2016 waiting to be leveraged. Because at the end of it, all a brand wants is to simply engage, acquire and retain its customers.

Adopting a flexible but well thought of framework to achieve certain objective, is the first step in establishing personalized marketing.

Some customer engagement programs in India to take note from are:

Dominos use e-CRM to make the ordering process easier for recurrent customers;
Amazon India’s book retailing site recommend similar book from the same category and pique their customers’ interest into buying couple more books;
Dell not only sell their computers at a discount when bought online, but also give the option of customization.

Some stats to prove why you should diving nose first into the real time personalization trends:

86% of consumers reveal personalization had played a major role in influencing their purchase decisions, while 53% of consumers favoured retailers who recognized them as same person across all channels and devices they use. (Adweek)
It was found that Businesses which personalized web experiences saw an average 19% increase in sales. (MarketingProfs), yet somehow, a colossal 71% of companies have failed to personalize their websites and lose out mass potential conversion. (Dynamic Yield)
Also, ‘Personalized Marketing Emails’ were found to receive 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click-through rates. (Experian)

Here are a few real-time content personalization techniques for you to try out:

Reach out to much larger audience through ‘Look Alike Segmentation’. You know your consumers come from a certain geography, economic background, online channel etc. Use this segmentation tactic to your advantage. Look and discover what your valuable consumers have in common to know how you can extend, personalized content and special offers to similar, prospective customers.
Dynamic content is incredibly versatile. You can use it to personalize emails, landing pages, forms, and websites—and not just based on IP address.
You can run tests to send personalized content and offers based on past purchases.
Switching from random ’email blasts’ to calculated dispersal based on time zones and ‘opening behaviours’ will help you hit a lot closer to the bullseye.
Segmenting by business size allows you to send targeted emails that are relevant to a prospective customer’s business.

You can choose to apply them one at a time or all at once for optimum benefits, but whatever your choice, Personalized Marketing is the need of the hour to clinch your customers’ attention.

The Bottom Line: Using your Customer’s Data and Analysing their Purchase Pattern, with the added benefit Geo Targetting Tools, it is time you grab the opportunities to showcase your message to your right set of audience.

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