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14 Feb

Because isn’t Your Brand Worth It?

“The only thing people speak about your brand is what you have given them to talk. If you think about this,
you will do things a lot more differently.”
– Warren Buffet

Brands often forget that consumers come first in any communication crisis; and a clear, quick response can make or break their brand in this digital and mobile-driven age.

We returned to a portion of the major ORM stories, just to understand that the ground the truth is still not great. We still have:

  • Brand directors and different caretakers of the brand’s picture are still not considering ORM important.
  • They don’t have a standard working method set up, in the event that an emergency strikes; they are still ease back to react and frequently not outfitted with the right learning about the PR catastrophe close by.

They say that “Learn from other’s mistakes since you cannot make all of them.” So we did a roundup of 2015 that brought us some cool instances of ORM, by which we can have take-aways, both what to do and what not to do when your brand’s reputation is at stake. Let’s take a look at some instances, albeit in full Bunny from Go Goa Gone Style!

What we know:
In January 2015, a lady shared a Facebook post around a dismal experience she had at one of McDonald’s outlets in Pune. The staff had tossed out a poor child she had acquired to purchase him a Fanta Float, thinking, ‘These sort of individuals are not permitted inside the outlet.’ McDonalds rushed to react; it shielded itself rather weakly by saying there had been a bombarding episode before. Reddit, The Logical Indian and numerous more got the story; the burger joint was left red-confronted. It was compelled to go on putting out fires mode then: An update informed that appropriate action will be taken and staff will be retrained.
What we Learnt: Don’t be Late. Timely response can be a good CYA!
DR’s ORM Score: 2/5…

What we know:
Flipkart & Amazon, both ecommerce mammoths are ready to fight to get at Indian e-customers, however with regards to their persona on online networking, there’s parcels to gain from the two.
In February 2015, somebody got the ideal snap: an Amazon conveyance box lying close to a Flipkart office counter. Reddit lifted it up, labelled both brands and the photo started turning into a web sensation.
Flipkart got all nervy in its reaction, calling the Amazon box as its ‘dustbin’. However we need to give credit to Amazon who made an effortless move. They tweeted that “there’s a touch of Amazon in each ecommerce organization”. Double thumbs up to Amazon for its elegant way of handling this, while Flipkart had to bow down since it received a lot of flak on non-competitiveness.
What We Learnt: Brands, be cautious what you tweet about your rivals since that shows your brand’s character.
DR’s ORM Score: 1/5 for Flipkart while 4.5/5 to Amazon…


What we know:
But what happens when a brand decides to get even via Twitter, after finding that a close competitor has misused its trademark? The world gets #OYoMama jokes of another kind!
In March 2015, OYO Rooms utilized the brand name of Stayzilla in their Google AdWords copy, which is a clear case of trademark violation. Stayzilla chose to get even on Twitter by defying with a screenshot of the notice. However, OYO’s reaction was that it attempted to purchase time.
Meanwhile, Stayzilla thought of its arms stockpile of #OYoMama images, just to teach little discipline to Oyo. OYO attempted to play it cool however the mind was a lot for it to battle. The tweets let go from both brands in full general visibility, made for a humiliating scene for OYO yet Stayzilla scored as the cool one on online networking.
What We Learnt: Try not to abuse trademarks, and if got, acknowledge with elegance and rapidly get into repair/harm control mode.
DR’s ORM Score: 2/5 for OYO while 4/5 to Stayzilla


What we know:
Back in March, NipunMalhotra, the co-founder of the Nipman Foundation and a physically challenged activist was denied section at Keya, an eatery in Delhi. The security had the audacity to tell him that they don’t permit individuals on wheelchair as a policy. Furious & disappointed, Nipun took to Twitter to share this episode and soon the hashtag #ShameOnKeya started drifting.
Keya wasn’t on Twitter, it made another record just to clear up its stand. It said Nipun was prevented to enter the eatery not on account of being physically challenged but rather in light of the fact that he was a part of a stag group! The occurrence spiralled further while the Delhi CM guaranteed to investigate the issue. Even the Zomato founder promised to add a feature in their app, which would rate the restaurants on being ‘Friendly with Physically Challenged’.
What We Learnt: Prevention is better than cure! Keya is a great instance of terrible ORM where putting out fire arrangements were implemented when the house was at that point ablaze!
DR’s ORM Score: 1/5 (One point just to take an effort to create a Twitter Account & acknowledging the instance.)


What we know:
Not always a brand like Kalyan Jewellers manages to trend & when they do, its definitely not for the right reasons. Kalyan Jewelers put a full-page ad on a main daily paper which included their brand ambassador, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as this royal woman with a ‘slave kid’ holding an umbrella over her. Rights activists and others were sufficiently outraged enough to write an open letter to the jewellery brand and Aishwarya.
Both sides denied that they had committed a grave error. Kalyan Jewelers expressed that it will pull back the advertisement, while Aishwarya’s marketing expert faulted the commercial makers. A restrictive expression of remorse was likewise made, “if we have inadvertently hurt the sentiments of any individual or organisation, we deeply regret the same”.
What we Learnt: A statement of regret must be sincere, without conditions and compensate for the mischief done.
DR’s ORM Score: 2/5


What we know:
It’s shocking when people are trending our Utterly Butterly Delicious Brand, Amul for being Sexist. Usually all their ads hit the right kind of sarcasm & humour. However their Slice of Life digital Film of September 2015 received a lot of flak on social media. The film depicted dolls are for girls and cricket is for boys.
The MD denied anything was wrong with the film – “There are always some people who will like it and some who won’t”, he quoted.
Later another statement was released clarifying the brand’s intent and its belief in women empowerment. The MD then said he appreciated consumers’ feedback. Amul accepted its mistake but not at once. Soon, it rolled out a video raising a glass to India’s woman power.
What we Learnt: Acknowledge, admit and apologize while you can.
DR’s ORM Score: 3/5

You’ve worked hard to establish your business and sacrificed plenty along the way. Are you willing to let that hard work get flushed down the drain because of a single disgruntled customer or competitor?
Develop a system to ensure your biggest fans are louder than your biggest enemies; the payoff is worth it because ultimately ‘Your Brand is Worth It!’

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