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13 Sep

Maggi Treats Loyalists with ‘We Miss You Too’ Video Campaigns

Crisis Management has principally taken center stage for Maggi, after the roaring health scare controversy it was embroiled in and how it had to bore the brunt, chiefly on the digital front.

But now that is has been cleared of the taint and allowed to be sold in stores again; Maggi has released short films that tug the heart strings of its young loyalists. And for reaching out to its Loyalists (and the naysayers), Nestle has primarily employed the Digital Marketing platforms for ‘Maggi’ to re-establish consumer trust.

“wapas ayegaa yaar? Miss you.”
“I miss you yaar. Come back, man.”
“Ab aa bhi jao. Miss you yaar.”

These are lines from the latest three-film digital campaign released by Nestlé Maggi. The ads are monologues by young men who’re addressing Maggi. Rife with affectionate endearments, the ads are crafted to resemble a series of personal messages to an old buddy.

The brand name is not uttered. At the end of each film, the Maggi logo appears on the screen, along with the words #WeMissYouToo.

On the brand’s YouTube page, a quick message accompanies the videos: “This one is for all our fans! Can’t thank you enough for your support. Share it and keep spreading the Maggi love. #WeMissYouToo”

Nestlé released an official statement saying, “These short films reflect the spontaneity and affection between consumers and Maggi. We are making efforts to get Maggi Noodles back on the shelves and have been overwhelmed by the messages of love and support that we receive each day. Such messages strengthen our resolve to be back with our beloved consumers. We want to share the warmth of our relationship through these films.”

Suresh Narayanan, Nestle India’s Managing Director, who too was involved said in an interview, “We never realized how much Maggi meant to consumers until this happened. This is more than just noodles; it is part of the life experience that has been humbling. The `Miss you too’ campaign was a response -a message in response -to these consumers and it’s touching five million views.” He added, “There are huge opportunities in the digital space. We have a digital acceleration team, who are responsible for the ‘We Miss You Too’ Maggi campaign.”

For a generation that has an affinity toward this ‘2 minute’ noodle brand, it is an apt way to make a comeback into the hearts of Maggi’s its friends, its Loyalists.

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