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8 Aug

7 Must Have Apps to Boost your Productivity

Workplaces are no longer “no phone zones.” These days they improve productivity more than detracting from it. So, how can you as a leader in your organization capitalize on how you and your employees use their smartphones? We’ve curated a list of the top 7 best apps for you and the workplace.

Box – Dropbox – Google Docs
Everyone is tired of overflowing e-mails with attachments for approval. Then, you send it back and you get another e-mail with another attachment. Then, when you go to look for that attachment a couple days later, it’s impossible to find in your inbox. If that sounds familiar, try using an online cloud service to store and share files. Box and Dropbox seem to be reigning, but Google Drive works well for group brainstorming projects as members can edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in real time.

Keeping a record of company dinners, road transportation, and office supply expenses on your company is a hassle with paper receipts. Expensify allows you to scan the receipts and keep a record of all your lunch meeting expenses and other petty business expenditure, digitally. No need to scourge your briefcase to find a crumpled up receipt!

Take the clutter out of your wallet with Camcard. As a leader of your organization, several professionals leave a business card with you. It is well known that putting someone’s business in your backpocket is quite a rude gesture and as we all know, that card might turn up after laundry as a sad piece of paper. Next time someone gives you a business card, simply scan it and Camcard will store all the information you’ll need.

Siri Virtual
If you are a busy entrepreneur on a tight budget and cannot afford a secretary, Siri Virtual is your next best bet. It’ll remind you to do things we normally forget as busy professionals such as “Call Mom” or “Make a Reservation.” You have too much on your mind; let your smartphone take the load off.

Evernote note taking
Innovative ideas come to us at the oddest times. Evernote allows you to jot down quick ideas, create research reports, combine content, and present all on your smartphone or tablet. Keeping track of all the content that comes your way as you browse the net in addition to your own ideas is tricky. Now there’s a solution!

Cisco WebEx: Virtual Meeting
Research shows meetings in which members stay standing are much more productive than those with members staying seated. Take this idea to the next step by making meetings virtual. This app allows you to be a part of a meeting from anywhere, crucial for when business calls for you to travel. Who says you can’t be in two places at once?

Time is money in your world so wasting hours at the airport because of a delayed flight can be stressful. With TripIt, you simply forward your travel confirmation and the team puts together an entire itinerary for you and is available on your smartphone. Once you upgrade, TripIt will give you real time flight info, seat choices and much to more to make your travel plans organized, smooth, and stress free.

These 7 apps will save you unnecessary stress in the short run, and time and money in the long run. As a leader in your organization – it’s up to you how you manage and optimize your resources to improve productivity. It sure is a lot to handle, but start here with these apps!

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