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10 Apr

Twitter Is Partnering With Foursquare On Location Tagging

Twitter said that it will partner with Foursquare to pinpoint location tagging in tweets.

Twitter announced the news via a tweet that included a video demonstration of how it will work on the iPhone:

The new feature will add specificity to the geotagging available on mobile devices for people who want to signal where they are tweeting from. Twitter’s support page says Foursquare locations will be available in selection locations, allowing tagging of a specific business, landmark or other point of interest.

The Foursquare tagging ability is being rolled out in the United States and Canada over the next few weeks with additional markets to follow.

The Twitter-Foursquare partnership makes sense for both companies. Foursquare has been struggling to regain its footing after spinning off check-ins to its Swarm app last year; this move is a reminder that Foursquare still has a very strong location database.

Twitter believes better location tagging will help it improve user engagement, especially among new users. During a conference for analysts in November, the company talked about a test that it ran with new users from major cities that sent them tweets tied to their locations. Test subjects shown location-based content were more likely to reopen Twitter within 30 days than those who weren’t.

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