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16 Feb

The New Digital India

Though television ads, radio and print have been an integral part of any marketing campaign, the new age digital India is breaking new grounds and this new ground literally extends to every corner and centre of India. That being said, residing in the metros the digital life is evident here and majority of the people from the metros may not even realize but they are not the only ones getting ‘Digitized’. A large proportion of marketing spends, mobile phone ads, phone manufacturing, internet penetration have all started making way to all parts of India and so Panasonic India took a note of this and decided to join the bandwagon.

The Panasonic Digital Banega India Campaign :
The campaign simply took penetration of the markets into consideration and used how large parts of remote India is getting digitized to its advantage and first created the #DigitalBanegaIndia TV commercial.
This was just the start. What followed was breathtaking.

The Microsite :
The microsite was a Google Map integrated site that encouraged you to be a part of the digitized Indian community by sharing your experiences and uploading them onto the site. The idea was to simply bring in more of your friends and more importantly span the entire country in the spate of doing so. By that the participant who covered maximum distance all across India by inviting their friends won. In the midst of the game is how the connection element has been played up will also show the stats of how you have performed in terms of the reach you covered.
It goes a step forward and takes into consideration your friends as well and shows you a comparison on that leg too.
For a little bit of motivation you have the leverage of clicking on any part of the country through the pins and even check out the images uploaded by people across the country.

Here’s what all of that looks like:

Panasonic Digital Campaign
New Digital India

Facebook : 
The exact same experience was created on Facebook as well in the form of an application and everything that was available at your disposal above was available on the app too.

Twitter : 
The campaign on Twitter was a bit different from what was available on the microsite. Panasonic in association with Sony Six was giving away panasonic P55’s for a simple Twitter contest that took traffic to the TV channel, the Twitter handle, and brand awareness for Panasonic P55 and with the hashtag #DigitalBanegaIndia.

Digital Banega India is one step forward in the realization to how digital India is actually becoming and what we can expect in many such campaigns with the Digital India at the helm of this all. With mobile penetration reaching its personal best with respect to performance and it only going up from here, a digital India is imminent and it’s pretty soon that you’ll see that India’s population is not the only thing that’s breaking records!

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