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12 Feb

Super Bowl XLIX now on Facebook

If you are watching the Super Bowl, chances are you aren’t just watching television. You probably will be keeping at least one eye on your mobile device to monitor the all-important social color commentary about the game and commercials.

Facebook have introduced a dedicated hub page for Super Bowl XLIX.

Last year, Facebook said, 50 million people joined conversations about the 2014 game on its network. That’s nearly 45% percent of the total U.S. television audience of 111.5 million for the game. Even with such high activity, Facebook trails Twitter as the perceived leader for conversation about major live events. Twitter’s public default means nearly all the chatter can be seen by anyone.

Facebook has been working on surfacing its public conversations, making a big effort during the World Cup last summer, for instance, and the Super Bowl hub page can be seen as part of that progression.

The page is basically an enhanced version of Facebook trending page. It will include the usual division of posts from your friends and groups, stories, photos and video of media outlets and a stream of live commentary from people talking about the game on Facebook.

It will also show the score, the current time on the game clock and play by play updates, which could come in handy if you miss a play (and misplace your DVR remote).

And if you post from the page, Facebook will automatically tag your update with a “watching Super Bowl XLIX” notation.

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