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12 Dec

The World’s Longest Tweet: Powered By Urzza

Twitter users have always been limited to share their thoughts within 140 characters. But someone has finally broken free from this condition. In an attempt to connect to its audience digitally, a brand has managed to generate the longest tweet ever. Urzza, the latest entrant in the energy drinks market from the Bisleri International stable has managed to generate what it calls the longest tweet ever.

The world’s longest tweet of 652 characters was made from the Twitter handle of Urzza ( The brand has also challenged its followers to try it themselves using the hash tag #urzzapower.

There are prizes to be won for the most electrifying tweets – Urzza power banks for mobile. The brand is also giving away shopping vouchers for just retweeting their longest tweet.

With this campaign, Urzza Power has managed to create a connection with its target segment- the Twitter-savvy regular urban youngster, also showcasing the brand Urzza’s electrifying effect.

The World's Longest Tweet: Powered By Urzza
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