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12 Nov

Work Smarter with the Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolution in the world of Technology that will impact everything we do and will alter the face of technology.

What is IOT?

IoT is the interconnectivity between things using wireless communication technology (each with their own unique identifiers) to connect objects, locations, animals, or people to the internet, thus allowing for the direct transmission of and seamless sharing of data. India is offering tons of opportunities to Technology and especially the Internet space.

How is IoT Impacting Social Media?

When Facebook and Twitter first entered the Digital space, marketers were not confident that these new “social media” sites would be worth targeting. Now, we know how well these websites turned out. As per a survey, 74% of brands report that they have seen a noticeable increase in web traffic after investing merely 6 hours a week in social media marketing efforts.

The IoT is already optimized for use with social media, allowing automated posts and shares to be regularly generated by the devices themselves, and preparing the way for new online communities to develop centered around users of particular devices.

Marketers who are able to predict the development of these social communities, and target their efforts towards these communities, will be able to reach potential customers that may not have previously been available. Likewise, IoT devices, when coupled with social media, will allow marketers to identify and take advantage of new emerging trends. The Internet of Things is coming right at you quickly.

There is an expectation of approximately 75 billion connections by 2020 in India.

So, with billions of new things becoming “smarter,” don’t let your marketing strategy remain old school. Grow and Work Smarter with IoT!

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