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21 Dec

5 eCommerce Tricks you should know!

A healthy market is a good news, but it leads to rising competition on the downside. Yet there are plenty of levers to pull in order to get more out of the digital marketing efforts for e-commerce. And now is the time to get started, just around the corner with the busy holiday season.

Here are 5 easy and effective ways to start moving the e-commerce funnel with increase in online sales


  1. Reach in-market customers with ads from Google Shopping
    For any e-commerce company, Google shopping campaigns are a no-brainer. You will prominently advertise your goods at the top of Google search results with a shopping campaign at the exact moment when people are trying to purchase the kinds of products you sell. Launching a campaign for Google Shopping is a perfect way to quickly drive a lot of relevant traffic to your website.
  2. Remarket with display ads
    Google Shopping ads doesn’t immediately lead to a sale, a click on your product is a beneficial interaction with your company and your future. Remarketing raises the transaction rate for e-commerce because it reels back in on-the-fence shoppers. To target people who find you via Google the next time they’re on any other platform, use remarketing campaigns.

  3. With Shopping on Instagram, turn likes into sales
    The common wisdom for years has been that search marketing is for sales-driving and social marketing is for brand awareness building. With Instagram Shop feature, users who see your organic content no longer need to navigate to your website to make the purchase. They can check the Social platform and simply click on the product they are interested in and follow the link to the corresponding page on your website instead.
    The reduction of friction is now the best e-commerce marketing strategy for social shopping. Instagram has essentially introduced the power of search to social media by allowing your followers to easily make purchases.
  4. With customer feedback, Instil trust
    Throwing ratings and feedback on your product pages is a time-tested, easy way to transform consumers into more web visitors. It is more reassuring from someone who has purchased one or more of your items already. Customer reviews are also a method to increase your conversion rate, you can use an e-commerce marketing strategy.
  5. Raise your cross-selling game, with Pop-Ups
    Pop-ups are another way to improve the e-commerce digital marketing strategy: the windows that briefly take over the screens of site visitors to present additional deals to them. To entice a potential shopper with a discount deal or to add another product to his or her shopping cart, you may use pop-ups.

No, the e-commerce company will thrive without a thoughtful, full-funnel marketing plan in an increasingly crowded landscape. You’ve got to start brainstorming now if you want to keep the sales flowing. Hence, it is necessary to choose the right source for your e-commerce online marketing strategy and execution.

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