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14 Oct

Does Real Estate requires Digital Marketing

The impact of Digital Marketing in India’s real estate industry is undebatable. Buyers perform extensive research online before making a final purchase decision. Buyers use the internet as a tool to search for brokers, dealers, projects, and sellers, which in turn makes digital marketing a lucrative investment for the real estate Industry.

Apart from the urban space, Digital Marketing is evolving rapidly in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. The latest trends prove that it is necessary for a real estate organization to have an online presence optimized with real estate marketing strategies.

One of the big draws towards the digital marketing industry in the real estate sector is the ability to reach a target audience at affordable prices. Real estate digital marketing strategy comprises of the following:


  1. Google Ad-Words

Google Ad-words mainly comprises of sponsored or paid listing which provides fast visibility on popular search engines. This type of digital marketing is also known as PPC or Pay Per Click advertisement. The sponsored links generally appear on the top or bottom of the search page thus delivering the sales results your real estate agency needs to stay competitive.


  1. Email Marketing

Email drip campaigns prove more and more effective in nurturing leads via the marketing funnel. Repetition and retention are very important when it comes to marketing real estate online. Real estate companies focus on lead generation but forget once they acquire these leads. Thus, drip campaigns can help nurture their leads in a very effective manner. Drip campaigns also help get potential referrals by conveying important information regarding services they might need in the future.

  1. Lead Tracking

Lead tracking allows a sense of transparency for leads gained from SEM campaigns. Lead tracking helps determine the source of the leads and monitoring where in the marketing funnel they are and helps pursue the appropriate actions to move the lead to next stage and close the sale.


Digital Marketing In Real Estate Sector
  1. High Quality Photography

Nowadays digital marketing in real estate sector rests on High quality photography. Googles algorithms factors in the quality of the images as well as the number of pictures online as a criterion for ranking. High quality images used on real estate social media pages can also help boost followers and gain popularity on different social media platforms.


  1. Local SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is different from SEM or Search Engine Marketing. In SEO the growth is organic and free. SEO is the glue that hold the entire Digital marketing campaign together. Many real estate companies hire online marketing agencies to plan their SEO strategies. Real estate social media marketing trends suggest that majority of mobile searchers are looking for local services and are willing to purchase these services if given the opportunity to. Thus, by boosting local SEO an organisation can increase local sales.


Thus, with the above mentioned trends and tools in digital marketing, it is possibly a wise move for real estate businesses to expand their digital presence. In this era, it might just be the exact thing that can boost an industry.

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