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10 Mar

Redefine Loyalty in the Digital Era by Saika Ansari, Head – Strategic Knowledge & Research, Digital Republik.

A study by Accenture showed that in today’s day and age, 46 percent of customers are far more likely to change providers than they would have done 10 years ago. Nielsen found that up to 78 percent of people are not loyal to one specific brand. So are we really creatures of habit? We usually like what is familiar and known to us and most of us also pick the easy way out. Isn’t life just nicer that way? Customer loyalty in the digital age is subjective to a number of factors. Staying with brands which we trust is what we choose to do. However, business is conducted digitally more and more. So switching from one brand to the other becomes simple.

Customers form relationships of mutual convenience. A site provides a customer with certain perks. Sometimes, personal details are saved in a site’s database so a customer need not enter the same information over and over again, like their full name or shipping address. The site may save a history of successful transactions or purchases for a customer’s reference. The site may also save a customer’s preferences and preferred selections. Hence, the buying process becomes easier for all these reasons and sometimes more. Further, digital loyalty programmes may just be the key that unlocks the customer satisfaction treasure chest.

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