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12 Jan

Here is our version of the Mannequin Challenge #RaiseHell

Internet is one thing, which keeps coming up with new fads every week! After ALS Ice bucket challenge, Bottle Flip & Dubsmash, yet another craze has taken the internet millennials by rage. This time it’s a challenge called as the ‘Mannequin Challenge’.

The Mannequin Challenge (TMC) is a participatory video fad in which a group of people are shown posing stock-still for the camera while music is playing in the background. From Hillary Clinton to the Kardashians, everyone was seen posting videos of their versions of ‘Mannequins’. While we at DR too decided to take up this interesting challenge, we elected to do it our way.

Here is our story:

2017 began on a horrendous note for a few women in Bangalore. The city was left in a condition of stun as ladies were mass molested in the city in the midst of many spectators. This occurrence brought up a ton of issues and there were huge challenges the following day. This is an issue with all of us. Rather than acting immediately, we sit tight for the tide to pass and join the protests as opposed to acting there & then.

Courage is not a virtue of the masses. Just a couple of people have the guts to remain for a cause and battle these beasts. While we continue contending on what could’ve been done, we thought to ourselves that the best utilization of the Mannequin Challenge would be to spread some message across.

In this video titled #RaiseHell, we intend to shows the most hard-hitting portrayal of Molestation, be it happening to women or men.

What this video demonstrates that there is always an innovative approach to spread a message that really matters – a message that ought to have any kind of effect in everybody’s life, a message that ought to constrain no less than a couple to consider the outcomes. After all, audiences react only when the message is put forward in a language that they understand. Against all the pointless videos, we wanted to contribute something from our end.

Shot, designed & conceptualized by DR Rebels.

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