With over 40 years of legacy, Powerhouse Gym has been expanding globally and currently is operating in 17 different countries. Through licensing, Powerhouse Gym has become on of the Top Leaders in Fitness industry with over 1.2 million dedicated members.
  • Enhance Brand Equity in and around Mumbai suburbs
  • Maximize Brand Visibility and Credibility in the minds of consumers
  • To increase the inquiries and footfall at the centers by leveraging its online marketing activities
Brand Challenges:
  • Minimal Online Presence: Being an internationally acclaimed brand, the online presence of the brand in Mumbai was limited making it difficult to generate interest/enquiries in Mumbai.
  • Aggressive Competition: Fitness Market is one of the most aggressive competitive market in Mumbai where supply outnumbers demand making it difficult to attract new customers
  • Executed a well thought out strategy using online mediums – Social Media Marketing and Search Marketing
  • Created an Interactive Landing Page to easily capture Google Leads
  • Defined the consumer’s online search behavior and strategized the Lead Generation Ads to target and acquire more leads
  • Connect with target audience through various Engagement based content like Motivational Posts, Benefits of Personal Trainer, must carry things to gym and more. Active postings on Social Media helped in increasing the brand awareness
B2B Marketing Case Studies
  • 600+ leads within a span of 45 days
  • 4 Lac+ Facebook Reach
  • 150+ Google Leads within a span of 45 days
  • 1.5 Lac+ Google Ad Impressions
B2B Marketing Case Studies
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