Over past three and half decades, Integrated Spaces has been enriching the lives of middle income people living in the suburbs of Mumbai, through its visionary housing solutions. In line with their objective to create value in the Real Estate domain, they envision to become the preferred partners to those who need space for human endeavors.
Integrated Spaces has always been marketing using traditional offline techniques through their highly dedicated sales force. However, for their upcoming project ‘Integrated Kamal’, they partnered with Digital Republik to increase their overall reach by integrating offline and online activities.
  • Increase Brand Awareness in and suburbs around Mulund
  • Enhance the overall brand reach and increase the brand visibility
  • Boost the ‘Integrated Kamal’ site visits by incorporating their online marketing activities
  • Highly Competitive Market: Real Estate market in Mumbai is one of the most competitive market where supply exceeds demand which makes it difficult to attract customers
  • No Online Presence: Transitioning from large offline presence to Online Lead Generation has its implications making it difficult to generate new leads online
  • Outdated Website: The website not being SEO Optimized had high bounce rate and low traffic
  • Revamped the Website with User Friendly Interface and Optimized the Website thereby making it SEO Friendly which increased the website traffic by reducing the bounce rate
  • Email Marketing served as a touch point for Customers thereby creating awareness about ‘Integrated Kamal’ & enhanced their presence in and around Mulund
  • Blog Marketing helped in increasing the website traffic thereby increasing customer engagement
  • Rolled out Google Adwords Campaign targeting Project (Integrated Kamal) specific Keywords
  • Social Media Marketing served in increasing the Brand Awareness through active social media presence. Defined the consumer’s online search behavior and strategized the Lead Generation Ads to target and acquire more leads
Real Estate Marketing
  • 650+ leads within a span of 6 months
  • 30 million+ Facebook Reach
  • 1 million+ Ad Impressions
  • 20+ keywords on the first page of Google India
Impression Marketing Strategy
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