Digital Republik shares the power of Digital Media with the Children of the Red Light Area

Posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 by afaqs
Digital Marketing Agency India
On 8th March 2016, Women's Day was observed globally. On this day the team at Digital Republik, one of the leading Digital marketing agencies in India, set out to visit Prerana, an Anti-Trafficking centre situated at Kamathipura, Mumbai with the sole objective of teaching and sharing the power of digital media with the children of the red light area who, in particular are highly vulnerable to flesh trade & exploitation.

"On the occasion of International Women's Day, Social Media is usually flooded with stories, grievances and various cases of inequality women face to survive in society but the team at Digital Republik was committed to do something better which no other corporates, companies or agencies dare to do. The team called for action to throw light on larger issues by taking a step towards redevelopment", said Priyanka Shroff, COO, Digital Republik India.

The thought provoked the team at Digital Republik to start #ReGenesis, a social initiative undertaken by the team to give a 'Digital 101' to those in need. True to the name, #ReGenesis was started by enabling the second generation of the survivors of human trafficking with digital media skills that helped the girls of Prerana Anti Human Trafficking NGO to look at a positive side of life and ensure they understand the safety & security needed to operate on Internet.

"We were greeted with the brightest smiles and the loveliest of humans," said Ronika Shah, Account Director, Digital Republik India. "All the girls were excited to attend #ReGenesis. We took the girls through a quick presentation on why Digital Marketing is important and what are the career prospects for a digitally savvy. Also a session on the security and safety of using this medium was conducted so that they could use the medium wisely. The girls and the coordinators were curious to ask questions! "Didi, agar aap bolte ho ke internet free hai toh hum kyun Internet data pack 300 MB ka lete hai? Internet Free kaise hua?" asked Vaishanvi innocently! (If you say Internet is free, then why do we have to buy an Internet Pack of 300 MB? How is it free then?) We were completely baffled at her question. But what took our attention was the way she was thinking! This definitely was a mind of a future entrepreneur thinking practically."

Towards the end of the session, authorized 'Certificates of Participation' from Digital Republik were distributed to all participants instilling confidence and seriousness to pursue this as a career in future.

From what Digital Marketing is to how by being digitally savvy can accelerate their dreams of creating their own identity, it was a day of learning for everyone. One learnt the Power of Digital, the other, the Power of Indomitable Spirit. "The highlight was when one of the girls proactively said, "Maam, thank you for this. Now I too can sell my Warli Paintings Online and earn recognition. I can do that, right?" This simple statement by a girl suggested that even a 2-hour session with them has benefitted them and has made a difference to their life already. And we as a team have certainly taken the right first step towards redevelopment. The exciting part is that this is just the beginning. There is a long way to go and as Albert Einstein quotes, "A Life lived for others is a life worth-living", concludes Ronika.

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