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Fundamental Rules For Facebook Live
The introduction of Facebook Live has changed the way brands across the world communicate with their audiences. Live videos are highly appealing and great for real time engagement with the public. Since they are immediate and unedited, the viewers tend to enjoy them more.

Brands and businesses all over use Facebook Live to display events, host Q&As and Live Chats, and broadcast interviews. They can even use it for the launch of a new product or store. Live chats with celebrities and interactive Q&A sessions are also a fun method of engaging the audience.One of the best ways to organize Facebook Liveto gain popularity is by broadcasting behind-the-scenes footage of an event or activity.

Some interesting ways to use Facebook Live videos for business can be noted from iconic examples of broadcasts from brands such as AirBnB& Jungle Book, Dunkin Donuts, Tastemade, Buzzfeed, Benefit Cosmetics.

A Facebook Live broadcast by a business can be a great success only if it is executed well. Other than ensuring that you have a reliable internet connection and video equipment, the five fundamental rules for Facebook Live are:

1. Build The Hype
It is essential to let you audience know well in advance about when you are going to go live and what will be happening. Publish teasers and announcement posts to inform the audience. This helps the users to be prepared and is guaranteed to get the brand more engagement from them.

2. Select your Content
Make sure that the topic or event being covered in your Live video is interesting enough for the audience to want to watch it. It should also be relative to current events and not something that is outdated or overdone. While spontaneity is the essence of Facebook Live, at least roughly planning how the broadcast is going to be is crucial. Using influencers to engage one’s audience can often work wonders when it comes to live content.

3. Length
It is vital that you don’t make your Live broadcast too long. The audience may get disinterested after a while and exit the video if it is longer than they hoped.

4. Keep it Engaging
The best part about itis that it is in real-time. Make it interactive by asking the audience questions and accepting their feedback from the comments. Keeping them engaged will get you higher ratings and better response on future broadcasts as well. Typically users comment on Live videos 10 times more than they do on regular videos!

5. Do your Research
Facebook Live for business has numerous features and benefits. Study them well to avoid any mishaps and to optimize your broadcast. Facebook lets you see how many views, reactions and shares you have on your Live video. It also informs you when your views increase and decrease during the video. Use this to understand what works for your brand and what doesn’t.

According to, Facebook Live videos receive up to 300% more viewership than regular videos. Facebook Lives are a fun and simple way to build a relationship with your audience by broadcasting in real time. Once understood well, they can be used as a great method of communication and building the brand.

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