What we Do

We Are A Global, Digital Marketing Company based out of Mumbai; And we're really good at what we do.

Who are we

We're A Team of Strategic Thinkers & Brand Builders, who create Digital Marketing Campaigns to help any Brand's Business grow.

How we do it

We work with Brands to plan the Strategy, to blend Tech, Design & our on-the ground Experience & come up with 'Solutions'.

Perks of working with us
The Fun Allowance
Rs.3000 Per Person, to spend at a Bar or a Restaurant nearby. Can you believe it?! But its True :)
The Holiday List
16 Days OFF (in a year), FULLY PAID + 13 Days OFF (Official Public Holidays) + 24 Saturdays OFF (in a year) = 53 Days OFF = Almost 2 Months OFF in a Year
(We still get work done!)
The Look-Good, Feel-Good Perk
Your Health is important to us, so 50% OFF on Fitness Classes from MixFitStudios
The Karaoke Bar Nights
On a Random Friday evening, once a Month - Bring out your inner talent (Singing or Imbibing)
The Name, Fame & Recognition
Got something intelligent to say about the Digital Marketing Business or have an insight that you can't wait to talk about? Get featured in our Case Study White Papers & our much read, Digital Gazette
The Music
We like Music, all the time, every time! Bollywood? EDM? House? Play it for all to hear OR on your Headphones, while you work
Conditions Apply
You have to be a Cool, Smart, Fun-Loving, Awesome individual, that we like having as part of our team That's it!
Culture @ DR
  • We take our work seriously, not ourselves.
  • We do Business Impact oriented stuff for our Clients, which means, applying both our Left Brain & Right Brain. But we find it works better, when we do this, with a smile, or for that matter a Big Smile on our face.
  • "Seize the Day"
    Show up early, get stuff done, Go Home! No need to sacrifice your evenings trudging through work, when you could be out having fun...unless of course you're having fun with your office colleagues, in which case you're very welcome!
  • This is a Career not a Job
    We're serious about positively impacting our Client's business using Digital Marketing Techniques. So if you're looking to achieve name, fame & recognition in the Industry, join us! If you're looking for just another way to pay your bills, sorry we're not the one for you.
Do everything you love
JOB Openings
It's the Account Managers v/s the Clock everyday. Not because they run late, but because they compete with the clock. We are looking at a team of hustlers, developing and running the most efficient processes, managing & coordinating with the Clients and handling every Team Member's tantrum (most of them are regarding the Deadlines) with ease and charm. If you think that you can be a Superman or Wonderwoman, handling & delegating tasks, then just go ahead and apply for this.

Account Executive
  • Freshers Can Apply (We would love to train if you are willing to Learn)
Senior Account Manager
  • Minimum 1 year experience